Commission Advancing Solutions

Commission Advancing Solutions

At Commission Star, we understand that as a real estate agent or broker, it is normal to experience ups and downs in your sales depending on the nature of the market, skill level and resources. A slew of other local real estate market can also affect your sales cycle but one thing that always remains a constant is your expenses. You need money to spend on your marketing materials, listings, office expenses, fuel, MLS fees and so on.

Commission Advancing Solutions

Why Do You Need a Commission Advance?

Commission Star’s advance commission funding solutions allow real estate agents and brokers to access their pending commissions in advance allowing them the flexibility to continue expanding their business. Cash flows are a vital part of any thriving business and by generating additional money through commission advance you can now handle your cash flow issues more effectively. Instead of letting cash flow issues control you and your business, YOU can be control of cash flow issues using Commission Star’s real estate commission funding solutions.

Real estate agents today are constantly dealing with potential cash flow challenges on three fronts:

  • Potential of a lender delay in issuing funds
  • Potential of a title delay
  • 15 to 30-day delays caused by the Consumer Protection Act – which is the most substantial.
Why do you Need a Commission Advance

How Commission Advancing Helps Agents

Commission Star realizes these challenges and provides a swift, hassle free solution to agent’s cash flow problems so they can focus solely on growing their business. Our commission funding solutions provide much-needed income to real estate professionals during the closing process. We have made the process of applying for a commission advance really simple. Once you have registered at our online portal after providing the necessary details, you simply need to fill in the details of your sale every time you need a commission advance. Our underwriting review team is always at hand to review and verify the information, typically approving applications on the same business day. All of this happens through a seamless, secure and confidential online portal and you receive your funds in your business account.

Our commission funding solutions have been helping real estate professionals for a long time. Our simple fee structure, quick application process, and friendly customer support has allowed us to gather endorsements from the top real estate brands in the country.

If you are a real estate professional looking for a trusted company to partner in your business growth who can assist your cash flow management, let’s talk. We are just a call away!

How Commission Advancing Helps Agents