Commission Advance Services

Commission Advance Services

Commission Star’s commission advance services allow real estate professionals to manage their cash flows on their terms. Instead of being left on the whim of volatile market conditions, delayed payments, and ups and downs in sales, our commission advance service provides agents and brokers immediate access to pending real estate commissions.

All-encompassing Services for All Types of Commissions

Commission Star offers a selection of commission advance services for all types of real estate sales to help you manage your cash flow and continue expanding your business. Whatever the type of real estate commission you are earning, Commission Star offers a product to match your needs.

Commission Advance Services

Pending Sale Advance

Commission advance on your pending residential sales that are scheduled to close within 60 days. Using this service, you can get advance commissions up to $15,000. With this service, the advance limits are defined by taking into account your historical sales activity. Apply online in minutes and receive your funds within 1 business day.

Pending Sale Advance

Business Opportunities Using Commission Advance

Using Commission Star’s commission advance services, real estate professionals have the option to handle their expenses more efficiently and use the additional funds to explore new business growth opportunities.

Here are few common business expense agents and brokers pay using Commission Star.

  • Overhead: Office space, rents, utilities, health insurance
  • Employees: Office assistants, business staff, accountants
  • Education: Certifications, specialties, coaching classes
  • Industry Dues: Association fees, MLS fees
  • Technology: Website, social media, cell phone, computer, internet
  • Transportation: Car lease, fuel, maintenance
  • Marketing and Advertising: Business cards, flyers, banners

Getting Started

Commission Star understands that time is of great value for real estate professionals, that is why our application process is online for complete convenience. Everything is easily explained on our website but if you have any questions or concerns, our highly trained, friendly customer service staff is ready to assist you.

Call us today to make us a partner in your business growth!

Active Listing Advance