How Commission
Advance Helps Real Estate Agents

We charge a FLAT FEE and process requests on typically the same business day without any additional charges. Advance on pending sales.

How commission Advance Helps Real Estate Agents

How Commission Advance Helps Real Estate Agents

Commission Star understands that success in real estate largely depends on the investment an agent or broker can make in their business. Sales can be unpredictable sometimes but the expenses never stop. In an unstable market, it can be difficult to keep your income and expenses at a balance. Making use of commission advance helps you deal with such financial constraints.

A commission advance is a financial service based on factoring whereby agents and brokers give up a portion of their pending commission in exchange for advanced funds for a small fee. In an environment where banks are more stringent in underwriting loans, a commission advance is a great way for agents and brokers to access additional cash which they can use to run cover their other business costs.

Commission Star offers a straightforward fee structure for commission advance. Repayment of the advance happens automatically after the sale closes where the settlement company receives a commission disbursement authorization signed by your broker instructing them to send the portion of the commission that has been sold directly to Commission Star at the close of escrow.

  • Generate up to $15,000 in additional working capital to expand your business
  • Advance on pending sales
  • Bridge the gap between commissions

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